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OPTIMA PAIN CLINIC: Optimizing Your Results

Diagnosis and treatment of pain can be a very difficult task, especially for complicated chronic pain issues. Many pain clinics focus only on certain aspects of pain treatment, such as steroid injections, invasive spine surgeries or chiropractic therapy. 


But every patient’s pain is different, and a “one size fits all” approach to pain is often not effective. Proper treatment of complex pain symptoms requires a holistic approach to pain management that looks at the “whole picture” of the patient’s symptoms and identifies the best treatment options for each patient. Those treatment options often include pain medications, interventional pain procedures, steroid injections, physical therapy and minimally invasive surgeries. 


Our goal at Optima Pain Clinic is to customize each patient’s treatment plan to perfectly match their diagnosis for the Optimum results


The providers at Optima Pain Clinic are dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of a wide variety of spine, sports, headache and pain issues, including neck pain, back pain, disc pain, sciatica, joint pain, nerve pain, muscle pain, tendinitis, migraines, sports injuries and chronic pain syndrome. Optima Pain Clinic offers the most advanced and proven medical treatments available for spine, sports and pain medicine.  We specialize in providing interventional pain procedures, minimally invasive surgeries and pain medication management. 



Interventional Pain, Spine and Sports Medicine


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